About ProaSense

A new class of enterprise systems, proactive enterprises, that will be continuously aware of that what “might happen” in the relevant business context and optimize their behavior to achieve that what “should be the best action”, are emerging nowadays. ProaSense’s core goal in this context is to pave the way for an efficient transmission from Sensing into Proactive enterprises. By being one of early adopters in this shift from a reactive to the proactive computing, we expect that the results from this project will have a considerable impact on developing new class of systems that will be in essence of a world where it is possible to prevent problems or capitalize on opportunities before they even occur. Beside scientific and technical excellence, several other mechanisms will be applied for ensuring such an impact. This will be achieved through the adoption of the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) loop of situational awareness and development of corresponding technologies supporting a scalable, distributed architecture for the management and processing of big-data that will eventually enable continuous monitoring and the need for service adaptation and propose corresponding changes in an (semi-) automatic way. Key innovations include novel approaches for scalable storage and access to sensed data; development of smart sensing services, services for anticipation management, approaches for probabilistic stream processing and goal-driven Complex Event Processing. The project will validate the ProaSense approach in two key areas: proactive manufacturing in the area of production of lighting equipment, and proactive monitoring services within the oil and gas sector.

ProaSense Innovations

  •    The conceptual architecture
  •    Extension of the Sensing Architecture Modelling Framework
  •    A hybrid storage solution
  •    A methodology for representing and visualizing a continuously time-varying system as a hierarchical stochastic process
  •    Novel methodology for goal-driven real-time processing
  •    An event-driven framework and corresponding system for proactive, context-aware decision making in manufacturing
  •    Meta-model to define key performance indicators with contextualized target values
  •    Extensions of state of the art technologies/frameworks for real-time  processing



Proactive Enterprise Systems           Situational Awareness               Big Data                   Scalable Storage

Smart Sensing Services                    Proactive Manufacturing           Proactive Monitoring



Project full title: The Proactive Sensing Enterprise
Grant agreement number: 612329
Total Costs: 4.20 million euro
EU Contribution: 3.2 million euro
Duration: From 01 November 2013 to 31 October 2016 (36 months)